Busy summer ahead! I am presenting papers at the annual Council for European Studies conference in Amsterdam, the annual Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics conference in Milan and the ECPR General Conference in Bordeaux. The papers’ titles are:

Emmenegger, Patrick (2013): Job Security Regulations in the Age of Dualization: From Drift to Layering (Bordeaux).

Emmenegger, Patrick (2013): The Paradox of Power: Dismissal Protection before the Red Wave (Milan).

De la Porte, Caroline and Patrick Emmenegger (2013): When the Government and the Courts are at Odds: ECJ Rulings and the Fixed-Term Directive (Amsterdam).

Emmenegger, Patrick (2013): Meaningful Comparisons: Different Explanatory Approaches in Case Study rRsearch and the Analysis of Political Reforms (Amsterdam).

I am also teaching at the ESPAnet doctoral workshop in Mannheim, the ECPR summer school in Methods and Techniques in Ljubljana and the NordWel/Reassess summer school in Reykjavik.