Political Economy Research Group @ HSG

The political economy research group at the University of St. Gallen: 

  • Dr. Annatina Aerne (postdoc)
  • Dr. André Walter (postdoc)
  • Gina Di Maio (PhD student)
  • Katrin Eggenberger (PhD student)
  • Mark-Rüdiger Metze (PhD Student)
  • Lina Seitzl (PhD Student)
  • Katarina Stigwall (PhD student)
  • Alexandra Strebel (PhD student)
  • Daniel Unterweger (PhD Student)

Former members of the research group:


Publications of Political Economy Research Group (from 2013 onwards; only books, articles and book chapters; research group members in bold)

2019 or forthcoming:

Emmenegger, Patrick and Paul Marx (2019). The Politics of Inequality as Organized Spectacle: Why the Swiss Do Not Want to Tax the Rich. New Political Economy 24(1): 103-124.

Emmenegger, Patrick and Lina Seitzl (forthcoming). Collective Action, Business Cleavages and the Politics of Control: Segmentalism in the Swiss Skill Formation System. British Journal of Industrial Relations. 

Emmenegger, Patrick and Katarina Stigwall (forthcoming): Women-Friendliness in European Asylum Policies: The Role of Women’s Political Representation and Opposition to Non-EU Immigration. Comparative Political Studies.

Emmenegger, Patrick (forthcoming). The Political Economy of Flexicurity: Preferences for Job Security Regulations, Generous Unemployment Benefits and Active Labour Market Policies in Comparative Perspective. In Daniel Clegg, Paolo Graziano and Matteo Jessoula (eds.). The Politics of Flexicurity in Europe. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

Emmenegger, Patrick, Graf, Lukas and Christine Trampusch (2019). The Governance of Decentralized Cooperation in Collective Training Systems: A Review and Conceptualization. Journal of Vocational Education and Training 71(1): 21-45.

Emmenegger, Patrick (forthcoming). Arbeitsmarkt. In Jean-Michel Bonvin, Carlo Knöpfel, Valérie Hugentobler, Pascal Mäder and Ueli Tecklenburg (eds.). Wörterbuch der Schweizer Sozialpolitik. Zürich: Seismo.

Emmenegger, Patrick und Paul Marx (2019). Regulierung der Arbeitswelt: Der Kündigungsschutz. In Herbert Obinger und Manfred G. Schmidt (Hrsg.). Handbuch Sozialpolitik. Wiesbaden: Springer, pp. 697-718.

Emmenegger, Patrick (forthcoming): Masters of grey zones and elusive champions of the tax ‘optimization’ industry (book symposium). Socio-Economic Review.

Emmenegger, Patrick, Graf, Lukas and Alexandra Strebel (forthcoming): Social versus Liberal Collective Skill Formation Systems? A Comparative-Historical Analysis of the Role of Trade Unions in German and Swiss VET. European Journal of Industrial Relations.

Rinscheid, Adrian, Burkard Eberlein, Patrick Emmenegger and Volker Schneider (forthcoming): Why Do Junctures Become Critical? Political Discourse, Agency, and Joint Belief Shifts in Comparative Perspective. Regulation and Governance.

Seitzl, Lina and Patrick Emmenegger (forthcoming). When Agents Change Institutions: Coalitional Dynamics and the Reform of Commercial Training in Switzerland. Business and Politics.

Strebel, Alexandra, Engelage, Sonja and Carmen Baumeler (forthcoming). “Institutional Work”-Perspektive zur Educational Governance. Dezentrale institutionelle Arbeit in der Berufsbildung. In T. Brüsemeister & R. Langer (eds.), Theorien und Theoriebildung in der Educational Governance. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Walter, André (forthcoming). A Race to the Middle: The Politics of Interstate Cost Distribution and Welfare State Expansion. Journal of Politics.

Walter, André (forthcoming). Taking the Initiative! Direct Democracy, Coalition Governments, and Welfare State Expansion. Journal of European Social Policy. 

Walter, André and Patrick Emmenegger (forthcoming). The Partisan Composition of Cantonal Governments in Switzerland, 1848-2017: A New Data Set. Swiss Political Science Review.

Walter, André and Patrick Emmenegger (forthcoming): Majority Protection? The Origins of Distorted Proportional Representation. Electoral Studies.


Busemeyer, Marius and Lina Seitzl (2018). The Partisan Politics of Early Childhood Education in the German Länder. Journal of Public Policy 38(2): 243-274.

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Emmenegger, Patrick (2018): Die Einführung der Proporzwahl in der Schweiz: Die Rolle der Wahlkreisgeometrie. Parlament (Mitteilungsblatt der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Parlamentsfragen) 21(3): 5-8.

Emmenegger, Patrick, Graf, Lukas and Christine Trampusch (2018): La formation professionelle selon la perspective de l’économie politique comparée: l’exemple de la Suisse. In Jean-Louis Berger, Lorenzo Bonoli and Nadia Lamamra (eds.), Enjeux structurels, sociaux et pédagogiques de la formation professionnelle en Suisse. Zurich: Seismo, pp. 79-101.

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