The comparative political economy research group at the University of St. Gallen currently consists of: 

  • Scherwin Michael Bajka
  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger
  • Dr. Alina Felder
  • Dr. Matthias Haslberger
  • Cecilia Ivardi-Ganapini
  • Andreina Thoma
  • Linda Wanklin
  • Dr. Anna Wilson

Former members of the research group:

  • Dr. Annatina Aerne (currently postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne)
  • Dr. Timo Blenk (currently CEO Agora Strategy Group)
  • Dr. Gina Di Maio (currently project manager at INTERFACE competence center for evaluation)
  • Dr. Katrin Eggenberger (former foreign secretary of Liechtenstein, formerly chief of staff, office of the executive chairman at World Economic Forum)
  • Prof. Dr. Lukas Graf (Head of the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training at the Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training)
  • Mark-Rüdiger Metze
  • Dr. Dominik Schraff (currently Associate Professor at Aalborg University)
  • Dr. Lina Seitzl (currently member of the German Bundestag)
  • Dr. Katarina Stigwall (currently HEKS MosaiQ Ostschweiz)
  • Dr. Alexandra Strebel (currently specialist for the development of occupations at SFIVET Zollikofen)
  • Dr. Daniel Unterweger (currently 3s Research & Consulting for Lifelong Learning)
  • Dr. André Walter (SNSF Ambizione Fellow and Senior Researcher at University of Zurich)