Special Issue celebrating 25 Years of Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism

There is probably no book more influential in comparative welfare state research than Gøsta Esping-Andersen’s The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism. To celebrate the 25th birthday of this seminal piece of academic scholarship, I have co-edited (together with Jon Kvist, Paul Marx and Klaus Petersen) a special issue in the most important social policy review, the Journal of European Social Policy, which will be published as the first issue in 2015. The following articles will be printed in the special issue:

  • Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism: The Making of a Classic (by Patrick Emmenegger, Jon Kvist, Paul Marx and Klaus Petersen)
  • Incorporating ‘Class’ into Work-Family Arrangements: Insights from and for Three Worlds (by Jennifer Hook)
  • Workers, Farmers, and Catholicism: A History of Political Class Coalitions and the South-European Welfare State Regime (by Philip Manow)
  • The Decline of the Working Class Vote, the Reconfiguration of the Welfare Support Coalition and the Consequences for the Welfare State (by Jane Gingrich and Silja Häusermann)
  • Politics for Markets (by Torben Iversen and David Soskice)
  • Welfare Regimes and Change in the Employment Structure: Britain, Denmark and Germany since 1990 (by Daniel Oesch)
  • Three World’s Typology: Moving Beyond Normal Science? (by Kees van Kersbergen and Barbara Vis)
  • Welfare Regimes and Social Stratification (by Gøsta Esping-Andersen)

The special issue will also play a prominent role in the 2015 ESPAnet conference, which will be held at the University of Southern Denmark.