New publications

I’ve recently published a series of articles. These papers have already been published or are forthcoming:

Emmenegger, Patrick, Marx, Paul and Dominik Schraff (2015). Labour Market Disadvantage, Political Orientations and Voting: How Adverse Labour Market Experiences Translate into Electoral Behaviour. Socio-Economic Review. Forthcoming. (this is the revised version of the paper that netted us the best paper award at the 2014 CES conference)

Emmenegger, Patrick and Klaus Petersen (2015). Taking History Seriously in Comparative Research: The Case of Electoral System Choice, 1890-1939. Comparative European Politics. Forthcoming. (an attempt to combine methodological insights from both history and political science)

Emmenegger, Patrick (2015). Maximizing Institutional Control: Union Power and Dismissal Protection in the First Half of the Twentieth Century. Comparative Politics. Forthcoming. (based on my research on the politics of job security regulations)

Emmenegger, Patrick (2015): From Drift to Layering: The Historical Development of Job Security Regulations in Western Europe. Politics and Society 43(1): 89-118. (based on my research on the politics of job security regulations)

Emmenegger, Patrick, Kvist, Jon, Marx, Paul and Klaus Petersen (2015): Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism: The Making of a Classic. Journal of European Social Policy 25(1): 3-13. (part of the special issue celebrating the 25th birthday of Esping-Andersen’s Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism)