Research & Projects

Research interests

My research interests are in comparative political economy and public policy. In particular, I focus on the following research fields:

  • The political economy of labour markets with a special emphasis on the role of organized interests and the policy fields “job security regulations”, “working time regulations” and “skill formation”
  • Business-government relationships with a special focus on financial secrecy, tax avoidance and international tax competition
  • The historical development of the Swiss political economy (in particular the early tax state and political reform)
  • Neo-institutionalism and theories of institutional change
  • Social science methodology

Ongoing research projects (selection):

I currently work on the following projects:

  • The adoption of personal income taxation in Swiss cantons
  • GOVPET: Governance in vocational and professional education and training (link)
  • State sovereignty, economic interdependence, and international tax competition
  • The politics of job security regulations in advanced industrialized democracies
  • The role of agency in historical institutionalism
  • The gender sensitivity of European asylum policies
  • The adoption of proportional representation in Switzerland and beyond
  • Can foreign firms promote socially responsible business practices?

The political economy research group at the University of St. Gallen: 

Current members of the research group:

  • André Walter (postdoc)
  • Annatina Aerne (postdoc)
  • Timo Blenk (PhD student)
  • Gina Di Maio (PhD student)
  • Katrin Eggenberger (PhD student)
  • Mark-Rüdiger Metze (PhD Student)
  • Lina Seitzl (PhD Student)
  • Katarina Stigwall (PhD student)
  • Alexandra Strebel (PhD student)
  • Daniel Unterweger (PhD Student)

Former members of the research group:

  • Lukas Graf (currently assistant professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin)
  • Dominik Schraff (currently postdoctoral researcher at the ETH Zürich)